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And to make real food and mealtimes a priority? Right now, we are losing an entire generation of children who can’t cook and who don’t know what real food is. Also, we seem to have forgotten the value of shared family meals at the dining table. But we are ready to change that. So, let’s fight mindless eating – together!

Let's start prioritizing food

We know how stressful it can be to make meal times work. And we know how eating healthy can seem like a jungle: the shifting dietary guidelines and the massive amount of health claims in the supermarkets are usually not a big helper in deciding what to eat. We also know that most people care about this and feel that food matters – for them and those they love. What we eat, how much we eat, and also: how we eat. Before we realized the importance of this, we, too, were struggling with making mealtimes meaningful. Too often, we relied on the easy solutions, and we had rushed dinners that never fulfilled what we really wished for in our family.

But we then decided to start prioritizing food and the shared meal at the dinner table. We started to aim for real food and we started to involve our children in the cooking. And we found that food and shared meals are much more than just fuel for our bodies, it is where the chore of our family is founded. At those shared meals is where we talk and socialize and civilize our children. And as it turns out, there is so much to gain from shared family meals – we are both happier and healthier when we eat together (and that’s a fact).

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