15+ Video Lessons

This course is a 7 step course. Each step is broken down in bite size lessons that will teach you all you need to know on the fundamentals of cooking.

Recipe Book

The recipe book includes recipes of tasty and easy to cook food that will never leave your repertoire again. The main idea is to enable you to memorize the basics so you never need recipes again.


The Kitchen Basics course teaches you:


  • How to get organized (basic tools, knife skills, …)
  • How to cook with your senses
  • How to taste your food
  • How to add flavour and texture
  • How to build a meal
  • How to refine and ease your cooking
  • How to cook sustainably
  • Fundamental skills, eg. cooking a béchamel sauce, cutting up a chicken, making a mayo
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How to add flavor and texture

Here's a sneak peek into step 4. This step is all about how to add flavor and texture to your cooking, but you'll learn much more on how to elevate your everyday cooking.


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Make life-changing shifts in your cooking skills.

Everybody deserves to be able to cook from scratch – healthy, tasty, and easy recipes that will wow your family and friends. You will realize that once you have built the foundation of being able to cook from scratch, cooking every day is something you will look forward to, because it’s fun, and it will save you time and money.


I’m Jens

I believe that sharing a homemade meal is the most meaningful ritual for our modern families. Not only do we eat healthier, we are also happier, and we create a lifelong foundation for our kids to stand on.

My agenda here is not only to teach you how to cook, but I consider myself as being on a journey to teach Americans how to start prioritizing mealtimes, real food, and connection within their families. I’m from Denmark, which is named the happiest country in the world by the World Happiness Report, and in Denmark 85% of people will sit down every day for a shared meal.   


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Get 5 family recipes

You can download some of our easy recipes here that will give you some basic go-tos that will extend your repertoire.


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