Do you need a new approach to your little picky eater? Then this course is for you.

30+ Video Lessons

This course is a 4 week course. Each week is broken down in bite size lessons that will teach you all you need to know on how to build a food hero and create respectful and balanced mealtimes.

Workbook + Printables

The workbook includes reflection exercises as well as printable content you can hang on the fridge: mealtime ground rules for every week, activity instructions, reminders, and mantras.

Private Facebook Group

When signing up for the course, you’ll be invited to Real Food Hero’s private Facebook group where you will get access to extra support on your journey.


Food Hero T-shirt

Special edition t-shirt to your own little Food Hero. Our t-shirts are made from 100% recycled materials and are ultrasoft and sustainable.



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The program has already helped so many families!

Creating good food memories can be hard work but we know from experience that it is worth the effort. Listen to some of our food hero families and get inspired to start your own journey today.  


Redefine your mealtime approach

All children deserve peaceful and balanced mealtimes in a non-pressuring and respectful environment. And all parents deserve to know how to create this for their children while feeling confident, authentic and not drained by mealtimes struggles, constant bargaining, and manipulation strategies.

I’m Gitte

I’m a psychologist and a mom. As a psychologist, I have worked with families for 11 years. I know first-hand what a respectful and empathic approach can do for our children and the way they thrive. Mealtimes, though, seem to be one of the areas where we parents often forget our empathy and respect for our kids. Which leads to mealtime struggles and children rejecting food. I want to help you change that.

I live in beautiful Charleston, South Carolina, with my husband and 3 daughters. Originally, I’m from Denmark, a Nordic country, which has shaped my parental approach as well as my psychological and professional approach.

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About the One-Bite Rule

"Just one more bite, and then you can have dessert!". Does that sound familiar? For most parents, this is a popular mealtime tool, but I will tell you more about why we should skip that rule for good.

Week 2, lesson 3


Free Download Of Our Workbook From Week 1

Every week of the course includes a separate workbook with the highlights of the week, easy-to-cook recipes, and  printables.


Repeating Old Patterns 

What we are bringing to the dinner table from our own upbringing has a great impact on our kids' relationship with food and mealtimes.

From week 1, lesson 2.

Course Breakdown

A New Fun Activity Every Week

Spice painting is the first of the weekly activities of the course. Our activities are meant to involve your kids in exploring food in a fun, educational, and playful way.

Week 1 Activity of the Week

You will learn how to:


Help your child become a food hero

I will show you how to transform your child into someone who is curious about food and who dares to taste, touch, and smell food. A food confident child, in other words.


Become more confident in stepping back from controlling, pressuring and cohersing at mealtimes

I will help you change your parental approach to being encouraging, respectful, and empathic instead of a forcing, strictly rule-based and controlling approach.


Understand mealtime psychology

I will help you understand your child’s eating behaviours and teach you about the psychological dynamics at the dinner table. Because this is the key to change them.


Create good mealtime memories for your child – and for your family

For many families, mealtimes are the only time of day where the whole family is together.

Balanced and respectful mealtime memories will create resilient, independent, and confident children. They will pass this on to their own families when they grow up.

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Jun 09, 2021

How to handle mealtimes without using bribes?

Jun 01, 2021

β€œEat your peas, and then you can have ice cream.”

May 06, 2021