"I Don't Like It!"

real food hero Mar 22, 2021

When kids says: "I don't like it", we usually try these persuasion attempts: 

"What? But you haven't even tried it?!"

"Come on, at least one bite!"

"Why do you always have to be so picky?"

But how about next time you try "Okay"? Because saying okay deflates the conflict and takes our the pressure.

“Okay” means “I trust that you know your body best”. 

“Okay” means “I’m not going to force you”

“Okay” means “I respect your decision”

 “Okay” takes out the pressure at the dinner table. 

Which often leads to our kids trying the food anyway. 

“Okay” puts authority back where it belongs: with our children. 

Which is the foundation of a healthy relationship with food in the long run.

“Okay” will give our children space to be adventurous, exploring, curious.

Which will create a space where they can listen to their bodies. 

“Okay” is the first step towards a respectful and empathic approach to mealtimes. 


Learn more about a respectful approach to mealtimes and how that actually DEcreases pickiness in our children in my course "Real Food hero in 4 Weeks" - find it here on the website. 


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